So… It recently came to my attention that I have 5 followers on here?? When did that happen?!?!

Psst! That means thanks, guys, you’re the best.

But that also means 5 people followed this blog because they thought I was pretty cool and they wanted to waste their time and energy and internet on my awesomeness, or else it was an accident.

And that means, Oops.

Because here you are where I only post my game and this random post to let you know how amazing-ER I am somewhere else, when you COULD be at my actual blog.

Which is here, by the by, Where I am now and where I am cool.

So if you want more of my greatness, follow that blog as well!

I will possibly, maybe but probably not seeing as it’s me we’re talking about here, post more of my game soon

Namaarie Mellonamin


A Tour Of My New House, er, blog.

Hi people! I sure hope you are looking more like Pippin and Merry, than I am right now. My house is about as empty as an empty house 🙂 and echoes just as much. But soon, I will begin posting my game. Yep, a game! It is like Choose Your Own Adventure. I hope you like it! So, look over at my About page if you want to see something. If not, for now,

Namaarie melonamin!


AKA Your Friend in the Yellow Shirt